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For the 2nd collectors card on the Official Signs webpage, the password is "2h1136". Type it in to get a quicktime interview with M. Night as he discusses what makes a movie have a scary moment or head on over to our "Multimedia" section!



1.25.2002* - 7:43pm CT

Added a Quicktime trailer for "Signs" in the "Multimedia" section. And a new link for a "Signs" fansite in the 'Links' page.



1.22.2002* - 4:43pm CT

Today, some new reviews added plus news that a 30-second teaser spot would appear during the SuperBowl commercials on February 3.




"The Sixth Sense: Vista Series" DVD has been out for a couple days and it is amazing. Also, some new reviews from DVD File and such are in the "Reviews" section.

1.13.2002* - 6:56pm CT
Just wanted to let you know we have a new review of The Sixth Sense: Vista Series DVD. You can check it out at or head to the "Reviews" page for a direct link. Have fun! And stay tuned for tons more reviews.
1.3.2002 - 8:27pm CT
Welcome to the first update for 2002! Nothing much but I do have a few things for you guys...
- First up. "The Sixth Sense: Vista Series" DVD is coming out on Jan 15. Thats about 2 weeks away so get some cash ready and go buy it!!!
- Second. As you should know, The Sixth Sense has been sitting at #10 on the Top 10 Domestic Grossings for films, but it appears that it will be dropping soon due to the amount of money Harry Potter has grossed...yes it's sad but good things must come to an end sometime.

12.19.2001 - 3:18pm CT
Added the official poster of Signs to the Signs page and also in the Multimedia section, the teaser for it is available via a link. Looks great. Cant wait.
Sorry I havent updated in a long while but their hasn't been any new news about Signs. But their is news on the new Sixth Sense DVD so check out that in the "DVD" section.

More news on the plot of Signs and the character played by Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix updated in the Signs page.

11.26.2001 - 6:43pm CT
Lately the site has been getting a massive amount of hits...I guess it is for Signs info and what-not. Anyways, thanks for coming and keep coming back. I have thought about adding a forum so you can talk about Signs so if your interested in that idea, or any other idea for the site, feel free to contact me at
11.21.2001 - 6:48pm CT
Just wanted to wish all you Shyamalan fans, and non-fans, a Happy Thanksgiving. Go eat some food and watch some football! And unless I hear something unbelievable about "Signs", I probably will take the rest of the week off and have a big update on Monday, if necessary.
Added a links page with some good sites and also some info on the Signs page. Nothing much except the release date for Signs is up.

Well it looks as if the new Vista Series DVD of The Sixth Sense will contain some new check out the packaging for the Discs! All in the "DVD" section.

Buena Vista announced that The Sixth Sense will get the "Vista Series" treatment, the same as Unbreakable. Lets hope they have a directors commentary. Check out the DVD section for further news.

Again, has scored another pic of the set of Signs. This time it is a good shot of the house. Looks nice. (Photo under Signs teaser/poster)

The newly designed DVD section is now up.

New pic of Signs added in it's movie section. The first pic can also be seen their too. -photos courtesy of

Sorry for the lack of updates but you have probably heard that Patricia Kalember has joined the cast of Signs. She has been in several T.V. shows such as "Thirtysomething" and "Sisters".

Signs, which was previously announced for a Winter release in 2002, has been bumped up to Summer of 2002. Good news for those looking foward to it.
Check out this great fansite for "Signs". Lots of info on the upcoming movie.

First of two pieces of news today...some new DVD reviews for "Unbreakable" added with a great one from the guys over at

And Finally, news on the reported news of Joaquin Phoenix taking over the part of Mark Ruffalo's character in the full story in the "News" section.

Casting News:
Actor Rory Culkin has joined Mel Gibson in Signs. He is set to play his son in the movie which is in production now.

9.15.2001 - Signs Update
M. Night has starting shooting for Signs yesterday (9/14) in Bucks County but the press conference was cancelled due to the terroists attacks on Tuesday.

Aliens...What aliens? -
Someone who said they recently spoke with M. Night asked whether or not aliens would be seen in Signs. It was revealed that they would NOT, but would communicate through mathmatics.

Finally, Digital Domain will have the honors of doing the SFX for Signs. I can't really imagine what kind of FX will be used in the movie. M. Night has said the reason he doesnt use them is because he is no good at them.
Some of their other work include Fight Club, X-Men, Supernova, and many others.

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who joined the cast of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs last June, has been forced to drop out of the project due to illness.
Read the full story in the "News" section.

Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy and Sam Mercer are all reteaming with director M. Night Shyamalan for the helmer's next project, SIGNS. Marshall and Mercer will handle producer duties on the film, with Kennedy set to take executive producer cred.

New info on the shooting location for Signs. Check it out in the "News" section.